Obedience Training

Pay as you go Lessons ~ $100 per lesson I hour private

Pay as you go - One lesson at a time.. Each lesson is one hour in length in the privacy of your home. I come to you! Evaluation included in the first lesson. You can schedule another one any time you need it. The more lessons given, the more issues resolved. Often beneficial for specific dog behavioral issues.

ALL lessons include:

    • Crate (potty) Training for young pups

    • Greeting strangers properly

    • Sit, Stay, Down, Off, Recall (come)

    • Aggression Issues

    • Pack Leadership

    • Loose leash walking

    • Non-verbal communications

    • Heel

    • Introduction to Advanced Obedience

    • Handling and grooming tips

    • (Free nail trim included)

    • Hand Signals

    • Free phone and online help

    • Lesson hand-outs given

Canine Good Citizen ~ $50.00

This is a fun and upbeat challenge. There are 10 activities that your dog must complete with success. When he does, he will receive a certificate from the American Kennel Club stating that he is a Canine Good Citizen! Something for you and your dog the be proud of!