Welcome to Dogs R Us! In order to provide timely and professional service to you and your beloved pet, provided below are our policies regarding all aspects of our full service business.

Scheduling Policy

    • Dog Walks: In order to secure a time slot specifically reserved for your pet, you will be provided with a monthly calendar to enable you to indicate which days you need my services.

    • Obedience Training: Private training sessions can be arranged at the customer's convenience, on a weekly basis or a five week duration. It is desirable to keep the training sessions consistent, as dogs in particular succeed when sessions are kept to a weekly schedule. However, if weather interferes with lesson schedule, each lesson should be made up as soon as possible. If pet owners need to cancel a training session due to emergencies, a 24 hour notice is required.

Payment Policy

    • Dog Walks: Fees are expected on the first of the month for each month on a monthly basis. Monthly fees are determined individually for each customer by number of walks per day/week, distance traveled to customer's home, number of dogs at each residence to walk. Fee is then tailored to include built-in discount. Any missed walks due to customer's cancellation are covered in monthly fee and are not refundable. Any missed walks due to Dogs 'R Us cancellation will be credited to customer the following month.

    • Obedience Training:

      • Complete Course - paid in full on or before commencement of first training session.

      • Pay as you goLessons - paid per lesson.


    • Please feel free to avail yourselves of any or all of our services. Upon reaching an agreement with the individual customer as to the specific services required, a contract for these services will be made available to you for your signature.

    • Each daily or weekly visit also always includes a thorough loving check of your dog for ticks, fleas, injuries, illnesses, ear & paw pad problems and proper hydration.

Holiday Policy

    • Holiday services are available.

    • Holiday pricing of individual services will be provided upon request.