Dog Walks and Training

Dog Walking

Daily Dog Walks

$18 per visit

    • $5 for each additional dog.

    • Prices vary depending on how many visits per day, location, and individual needs. Please call or email for discounts and detailed pricing.

    • All visits and walks are full service and include walk, play, feeding if needed, clean ups, fresh water, body check for tics or boo boos, etc. TLC and daily report.

    • All dog walks and visits are done by expert dog handlers, dog trainers, and vet techs. Length of visits-20-30 minutes depending on needs of pet and weather conditions.

Don't let your dog sit home alone all day!

If you are away at work all day, we can reinforce good habits and get puppy out to make sure he has success in potty-training.

Did you know that a bored pup or dog can become destructive and develop behavior problems?? A tired dog is a happy, well-behaved dog.Do you have a new puppy? Are you trying to potty train? Let Dogs R Us tailor a pet program just for you!

Let Dogs 'R Us come and get your dog

out of the house for walk, relief, play time and socialization.